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Farmer Resiliency
& Mental Health 

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What is

The Midwest Vegetable Growers Network (MVEG) is a community of market farmers and technical assistance (TA) providers who are focused on organic vegetable production practices, facilitating peer learning, and resource vetting and generation. MVEG spans eight Midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. This network connects direct market growers to each other as peers, and to resources and services aimed at addressing their needs.

Organic vegetable growers in the Midwest tend to be spread out geographically. This network brings us together in a way that is supportive of individual growth, but in a broad community setting. Because we recognize that a stronger community results when we have access to and consider diverse ideas and experiences, this network actively includes farmers from diverse geographic, racial, and gender backgrounds, who sell through various marketing streams.

MVEG supports these farmers’ fuller participation in vegetable markets with growing demand, fortification of their businesses, and in building resiliency.

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