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Connect with MVEG

If you are a Midwestern direct market vegetable grower, or an organization supporting organic small-scale farming in the Midwest, explore options to become connected with our network.

Let us know you're interested in connecting by submitting this form!

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Join A Farmer Discussion Group 

MVEG listserv: 

This listserv is for Midwestern growers and TA providers to connect on how to educate and support farmers, promote events, and stay up to date with MVEG Network happenings.

Join by filling out our interest form and selecting "Yes" for joining the listserv.

FairShare listserv:

This is a farmer-to-farmer listserv where growers can get technical information and guidance from each other, such as how to grow a particular crop or where to buy supplies.

Email to request access to join.

Ag Solidarity Network:

ASN is a collaborative space for farmers and food system organizations, where you can find educational groups, skill sharing, peer support, and more.

Sign up at

Iowa Vegetable Farmer listserv:

The Iowa Vegetable Farmer listserv is for all of Iowa's professional vegetable growers (and those in neighboring states who want to build community with IA farmers) to share vegetable farming skills and knowledge with each other. Sign up at

Upper Midwest CRAFT:

Upper Midwest CRAFT is built on the practice of farmer-to-farmer training where shared farmer experiences, wisdom, methodology, discussion, and place-based knowledge strengthen the community of regional growers.

Join at

Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group:

A group of vegetable agriculture professionals in conversation about how best to support vegetable growers across the Great Lakes.

Email to join.

The IDEA Network:

The Idea Network is a group of farmers who want to improve organic practices in their farming operations as well as non-organic farmers looking to make their operations more environmentally sound. The IDEA Network email list provides an online space where members of the group can pose questions and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the whole group.

Join at

OEFFA listserv

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) Listserv connects organic growers throughout Ohio. To join, go to the "OEFFA Direct Mailing List" box on the right-hand side of


Farmer Discussion Group
Technical Skills WG
Resiliency & Mental Health

MVEG Working Groups

Are you a direct market vegetable grower in the Midwest who wants to connect with peers throughout the region and work together to advance support for farmers? Or are you a member of a farmer supporting organization who would like to plug into our network to amplify the reach of your services?

Working Groups are a way for you to engage with the network on a specific topic, working in small groups to identify and provide resources in a particular subject area to growers. See below for descriptions of each group, and reach out to the facilitator if you’re interested in becoming part of one.

Fill out our interest form to indicate you'd like to join a Working Group!

The Technical Skill Attainment working group

Increases the technical capacities of MVEG farmers. We work on making new web-based resources, directing farmers to existing resources, creating hands-on resources like tool libraries, making grower connections, and hosting field days.

Facilitator: Dan Fillius -

Meeting times: last Monday of every other month, 12-1 PM CT

The Farmer Resiliency & Health working group

Works to support the work/life balance and longevity of MVEG farmers through workshops and information provision around physical and mental health, long-term planning, and conflict and crisis management.

Facilitator: Beth Knorr -

Meeting times: first Tuesday of every other month, 1-2 PM CT

The Farm Labor working group

Addresses the labor-related needs of diversified vegetable farmers, owners and workers, employers and employees. Our focus is on farm worker recruitment, training, management, and retention. Current topics include labor management training and technical resources for employee compensation packages.

Facilitator: Sarah Janes Ugoretz -

Meeting times: first Friday of every other month, 12-1PM CT


The Climate Change working group

Holds space for discussion around approaches to take across the Midwest to help farmers address climate change. We will focus on grower education through videos, workshops, or other resources to achieve climate resiliency.

Facilitator: Andrew Bernhardt -

Meeting times: first Thursday of every other month, 11AM-12PM CT

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