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MVEG Resources

Our network's Working Groups curate resources to assist growers with production, education, farm planning, mental and physical health, climate change adaptation, resilience, and much more.

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Production & Technical Resources 

Are you looking to sharpen your toolset for the growing season?

This resource catalog helps growers:

  • Learn about multiple sources for produce supplies, so you can shop smarter

  • Learn about specific items that are working for many other Midwest farmers

  • Read testimonials about certain products and companies from your peers

The categories listed include production resources, technical assistance, grower education, and other services (like marketing and business management) for growers. 

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Technical & Production
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Farmer Resiliency & Mental Health Resources 

We have compiled a list of resources to support farmers as they navigate the complex needs of their farm and life. The topics covered in this resource catalog reduce the likelihood of farm-stress related mental health challenges and suicide. 

  • Mental health is crucial for farmer resiliency as it helps growers cope with stress and challenges inherent in farming.

  • Farm planning and financial planning provide stability and security for now and the future, reducing anxiety.

  • Physical health supports overall well-being, enabling farmers to withstand demanding tasks required in their work.

  • Emergency/crisis management and farm safety ensure preparedness and reduce potential sources of stress and trauma.

  • Research facilitates the adoption of innovative techniques and solutions, fostering a sense of control and adaptability among farmers.

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Resiliency & Health
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Climate Change Resources

The climate is changing, and those changes are affecting growing conditions for all crops, including vegetables and fruit. Climate change impacts are not the same in every area, but there are some trends that we are seeing across the Midwest, namely temperature increases and more precipitation extremes.

At the same time that farmers must adapt to these climate challenges, there is pressure on all economic sectors, including agriculture, to reduce their emissions. Fortunately, some adaptation strategies also help mitigate agriculture’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Find resources on general climate trends and impacts, along with both adaptation and mitigation strategies, in this catalog.

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Climate Change
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